The other day, I was looking through old journals and I came across a bright yellow one with an explosion of doodles covering the front and back. It was my idea journal.

In the pages I found random diary entries, list of presents I had received for Christmas, drawings, a few story ideas, made up names and addresses (an obsession of mine), the start of a screenplay, and several inventions.

I had to laugh at my twelve-year-old self with the quirky ideas and idealistic worldview. Some of the inventions already existed. Others were just plain dumb, tbh. But the fact that I had taken the time to write them down made me pause.

When was the last time you kept an “Idea Journal”? Do you still scribble down ideas and inventions that could make the world a better place? When was the last time you dreamed or let your imagination run wild?

ideas 2016

We grow up and leave childish things behind, which is as it should be. But I think there’s a small part of that childlike curiosity and belief in the future that is necessary to fuel hopeful ideas and inventions.

Let’s make 2016 the year of not just ideas, but putting ideas into motion. Let’s tap into that 12-year-old spirit and unleash world-changing creativity and passion.

Ready. Set. GO.

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