“Bloom” is a devotional series that inspires girls to know God more, help them learn who they are in Christ, fall in love with God’s word, and learn to talk to Him like a best friend.

For girls ages 10 and up.

Between friends, school and family, life can get pretty crazy, right? There are many voices demanding your attention. Voices that tell you how to look, how to dress, who to be, what to believe in. And just as you figure out the look you want or the group you want to be a part of, the rules change, and you’re left once again to figure out where you fit in.

How do you know which is the right voice or the right idea? How do you know which voice to listen to?

You need a daily dose of truth in all these areas and more in order to flourish and grow. What better way to accomplish this than with a fresh devotional book that talks about the issues that are important to you?

“Bloom” is the devotional series you’ve been looking for.

In “Bloom Book 1: Me & God,” you’ll explore important truths about God and his word, and connect them to the everyday struggles that you face. After completing “Bloom,” you will have a deeper relationship with Christ and more confidence in who God has created you to be, preparing you to be a loving and courageous member of the Church and your community.

What’s Next?

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