Worth More Than Rubies: Amazon Reviews

Thank you again for all your support with the release of Bloom Book 2. I couldn’t do it without you. If you’re wondering how else you can engage with and support the book, consider leaving a review on Amazon.

We all use reviews to help us make good decisions for our families: from restaurants to products, to technology, we use other people’s opinions and experiences to help shape our experiences.

It’s no different when it comes to finding good books, especially good books for your kids. It’s hard to sift through all the material out there, so if you been reading through the book with your kid, if they keep dog-earring the pages, consider leaving some helpful comments on Amazon. You don’t have to write a novel, but just a few words that will help other parents make good choices for their kids. I’ll like you forever and love you for always if you do!

Emotional Wellness: Drama

I’m back again with another video talking about DRAMA. We’ll be reading from Day 48 if you have a copy of Bloom Book 2 handy.


Watch the video on Restlessness here.

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Emotional Wellness Month: Restlessness

Hello again! I’m sharing about those pesky feelings of nosiness/restlessness and what we can do to put our hearts at ease before the Lord. We’re reading from Day 71 in Bloom Book 2 if you want to read along!

October: Emotional Wellness Month

For nearly every day on the calendar (and every MONTH for that matter) there’s some special day or “awareness” focus.

From National Coloring Book Day (August 2) to National Panda Day (March 16) to National Technology Day (January 6) the wacky, meaningful and weird all have their moment in the spotlight. Seriously, whose job is it to assign these?!

For the month of October,  emotional wellness gets its moment in the spotlight, as well it should. A little bit more impactful perhaps than National Coloring Book Day!

When I think of emotional wellness in my own life, I often go to the fruits of the spirit. If something is “off-kilter” with my emotions, that may mean I’m stuck in a flesh response and not reaching for one of the fruits of the spirit. If anxiety and worry are lingering longer than they should, I need to reach for the peace that God offers. If I’m irritated and resentful, patience and gentleness need to be on my “play next” list. You get the idea.

If it’s important for us adults to learn how to process and identify our emotions in a way that honors God, we need to be looking behind us to equip the next generation, to make sure they have the tools in their emotional toolbelt to not only survive but THRIVE.

The Bloom devotional series can help equip girls in that very area.

Bloom Book 1 talks about identity in Christ/self-worth (um we could all use a little help in that area) and growing in God’s word, all foundational building blocks to emotional well-being. If you know who you are and WHOSE you are, it puts our triumphs AND trials in perspective.

Moving on from that inner spiritual life, Bloom Book 2 focuses on a wider circle: relationships with friends and family. Because we all know that factors like peer pressure, strife at home, DRAMA, and facing other growing up challenges can affect young girls’ emotional wellness.

So each week in October, I’ll be highlighting a different aspect of emotional wellness that’s covered in Bloom. Stay tuned for that here on the blog and on my Facebook page as well.

As a disclaimer, I’m no expert in this area nor am I licensed counselor. However, I do know that God created our emotions and that he’s given us guidance in the Bible to process and understand those emotions. When that does become too difficult for us to bear on our own, he’s provided counselors and wise ones to walk with us on that journey so that we are not alone. If you need help connecting to any of these types of resources, please message me because I can help with that.

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For adults: here’s a great podcast episode that talks about relating to your emotions.