Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 3

I hope you and your family have found some tricks that work for you in storing up God’s word in your heart. It does take effort and planning, but if you find that you are still struggling yourself, this post is for you.


Be Positive

The first piece of advice I can offer is actually believe you can memorize something. If you constantly tell yourself things like, “Ugh my brain. I’m losing it!” or something to that effect, of course you aren’t going to be very successful. God

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Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 2

It’s amazing what kids store in their minds. Or rather, the things they CHOOSE to store away.

Like, they can definitely remember you told them they could get ice cream after dinner, but they can’t remember where their closet is to put away the five outfits they’ve worn in the course of 24 hours.

Or they can for sure recall that you declared today was a zoo day, but for the life of them, can’t remember where their shoes are.

And they for sure heard you mutter that ill-timed

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Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 1

“Mom, I promise it helps!”

My mom smiled and sighed as she left my room. I was hanging off my bed, upside down, as I studied my AWANA verses for the week. (I swear it did help…all that increased blood flow to the brain, right?)


Twenty (!!!) years have passed since those AWANA days, but those weekly challenges laid a solid foundation for memorizing God’s word. Throughout elementary and middle school, I continued to sock away verses, but sadly I didn’t continue

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Serving with Your Kids

The last couple of weeks, we have talked about many elements in helping your kids build their own quiet time where they learn to connect with God through regular discussions about him and his word, journaling, and prayer. Today we are going to talk about how to serve your church and community with your kids and show them God’s heart in serving people. Serving puts all that head knowledge into heart & hand action. So let’s dive in!


When I was in junior high and high school

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