To See the Messiah

Wan sunlight peered through the high window, lighting up the small cold room.

The old man was already praying.

For most of his adult life, this was Simeon’s routine. He awoke and prayed, washed his hands and face, ate a meager meal of dates and bread, and headed to the temple, his thoughts on his greatest desire. To see the Messiah.

He knew he would see the Messiah before he died, God had promised him that. But here he was, surely nearing the end of his life, his knees creaking as he shuffled ...  read more

Hope Loading

I looked down at the scripture I had underlined, memorized, and meditated on for the dozen-enth time. Like a sneak attack, the following thoughts popped into my head. Ugh…am I silly for coming back to this verse? Does it even matter? Am I just propping myself up with false hope?

Like return fire, or the activating of a force field, the Lord brought to mind a verse. Hope does not disappoint.Hope

My heart filled with tenderness as these words blazed across my soul’s sky, and I immediately ...  read more

Here We Wait

We all have our old favorites when it comes to Christmas music. You know, the ones you have seven different versions of. For me, those would be O Holy Night and O Come Emmanuel.

But each year, a new song manages to capture my heart at the manger, and leads me to worship in front of the throne.

This year, it’s Christy Nockles, “Advent Hymn.” If you haven’t listened to it yet, take some time to listen to it below.

 ...  read more

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

This post is for you if Mothers’ Day is…well…not what it should be. Not what it could be. Not what it was before.

Maybe you don’t have a Mom to celebrate with here on Earth. To you, I say you are loved. And I am sorry. It’s OK to not be OK. Each year will feel different as you grow and heal. But your family is by your side, growing and healing with you. You are not alone.

Maybe you would like to be a Mom, but for whatever reason, life has not begun inside you. To you, ...  read more