Pliés, then Tendus

Dance has been an integral part of my life for the last eighteen years, but for the past several years my role has been that of dance teacher, not performer. You enter a different mindset when you teach, versus when you take class. You are on the lookout for the smallest details in your students’ technique and as convenient as it seems, it’s hard to press in to give yourself a good class since the actual goal is to develop the students’ skills.

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I got to take (take, not teach) a ...  read more

Remembering Elisabeth Elliot

While our mission team was in Mexico this past week, I received word that a giant in our faith had gone to be with the Lord.

Elisabeth Elliot, missionary, author, and wife of Jim Elliot died Monday June 15 in Massachusetts. She was 88 years old.

Ever since I read the story of her and her husband, along with several other couples, moving to Ecuador to reach the natives there, I’ve been captivated. Her words have brought encouragement at many times during my life. I’ve read several of ...  read more