Tourist in Your Own City: OKC

I’m happy to report that Hanni Staycation 2017 was a success! After researching the OKC districts (plus making a list of fun favorites we haven’t done in a while) we mapped out several things to do and new restaurants to try as we played tourist in Oklahoma City.Tourist in Your Own City: OKC

Staycation Overview


  • Save on lodging and airfare
  • Save on petsitting, babysitting (if applicable)
  • Still enjoy a change of pace
  • Still enjoy focused time with family


  • Still have pet duties (we didn’t get to sleep in)
  • Which in turn limited how long we could be gone
  • Weather (the heat altered our activities)

Staycation Food

  • Torchy’s Tacos (Kurtis’ first time)
  • Gabriella’s (Samantha’s first time)
  • West
  • Mutt’s Hotdogs
  • Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

By far our favorite restaurant was West! Located next to the Hideaway, West’s tagline is “comfort food with a twist,” and they delivered on that. Tourist in Your Own City: OKC

The zucca chips are a must if you go (our read more

On Answered Prayer

In the midst of some achingly unanswered prayers, this time of year always reminds me of a very specific answered prayer. Like, I know exactly what day I prayed it, and I can tell you exactly when it was answered.

Prayer doesn’t always happen like that, does it? Often we are called to patiently wait outside a closed door for a very long time. Or we are called to walk through doors we never imagined. But other times, as we pray, the Lord is standing right behind us, already pushing open the read more

Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 3

I hope you and your family have found some tricks that work for you in storing up God’s word in your heart. It does take effort and planning, but if you find that you are still struggling yourself, this post is for you.


Be Positive

The first piece of advice I can offer is actually believe you can memorize something. If you constantly tell yourself things like, “Ugh my brain. I’m losing it!” or something to that effect, of course you aren’t going to be very successful. God read more

Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 2

It’s amazing what kids store in their minds. Or rather, the things they CHOOSE to store away.

Like, they can definitely remember you told them they could get ice cream after dinner, but they can’t remember where their closet is to put away the five outfits they’ve worn in the course of 24 hours.

Or they can for sure recall that you declared today was a zoo day, but for the life of them, can’t remember where their shoes are.

And they for sure heard you mutter that ill-timed read more