Restoring Joy: Year 4 of Marriage

Today, Kurtis & I celebrate four years of marriage. I love this engagement photo of ours. The joy on our faces is unmistakeable, just weeks away from saying “I do.”

To be perfectly transparent, I would not use the word “joy” to describe most of year four of marriage. This year saw us pass 2.5 years of trying to start a family, with no results yet. That journey deserves its own post (I’ve written multiple ones but haven’t been able to share them

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That One Trip to Starbucks

I remember when I saw you for the first time, five years ago today.

The summer sun still clung to the sky behind scattered clouds as I entered the Starbucks across from the dance studio where I taught. It was the first week of the new dance season, and like many times before, I was headed to the coffee shop for some post-class refreshment.

Ze iPhone 4s 134

And a blind date. That’s really why I was there.

The young man sat just inside the door to the left: broad shoulders, dark blonde hair and eyes more blue

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Silverware: Year 3 of Marriage

Nearly three years have passed since I put away my first wedding shower gift. When we dropped off the gifts at my soon-to-be-house after our wedding shower, I wanted to put at least one kitchen item in its place before I returned home. Things in their place are balm to my soul.

I chose the silverware. Sparkling, smooth and the perfect weight in your hand, I undid all the packaging, and knives, spoons, and forks slid into their slots: sparkling, smooth, brand new.

Ze iPhone 4s 285

That’s how awaiting marriage

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