Memorizing Scripture as a Family: Part 1

“Mom, I promise it helps!”

My mom smiled and sighed as she left my room. I was hanging off my bed, upside down, as I studied my AWANA verses for the week. (I swear it did help…all that increased blood flow to the brain, right?)


Twenty (!!!) years have passed since those AWANA days, but those weekly challenges laid a solid foundation for memorizing God’s word. Throughout elementary and middle school, I continued to sock away verses, but sadly I didn’t continue

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Restoring Joy: Year 4 of Marriage

Today, Kurtis & I celebrate four years of marriage. I love this engagement photo of ours. The joy on our faces is unmistakeable, just weeks away from saying “I do.”

To be perfectly transparent, I would not use the word “joy” to describe most of year four of marriage. This year saw us pass 2.5 years of trying to start a family, with no results yet. That journey deserves its own post (I’ve written multiple ones but haven’t been able to share them

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Serving with Your Kids

The last couple of weeks, we have talked about many elements in helping your kids build their own quiet time where they learn to connect with God through regular discussions about him and his word, journaling, and prayer. Today we are going to talk about how to serve your church and community with your kids and show them God’s heart in serving people. Serving puts all that head knowledge into heart & hand action. So let’s dive in!


When I was in junior high and high school

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Building a Prayer Life with Your Kids

If a quiet time/devotion time were a cinnamon roll, prayer might be the gooey delicious center. That’s where we diving into today. Prayer is an outflow of a healthy quiet time, so today I’m sharing some excerpts from the prayer section in “Bloom,” along with additional thoughts not featured in the book.

I remember when I first started praying regularly on my own. We of course prayed at meals and at church, but I had yet to tap into my own prayer life.

I was almost ten, and

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