Seasons: Wintering of the Soul

Winter. The first half of “winter” gallops toward the holidays, doesn’t it? November and December don’t feel dreary because all the momentum is pushing toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. But then New Year’s Eve rolls off the calendar and we’re faced with January and February. Jan and Feb are like, “Hey, we don’t have any big holidays, but look at our ice and snow!”

Change & Stagnant Water

Think about a time you maybe came across a stagnant pond out in a field or walked by a ditch along the side of the road. Water that once flowed freely flows no more, with algae an dead leaves coating the top. It’s old water now- not new, and it’s full of dirt and bacteria. It’s unfit to drink and doesn’t benefit anyone. Gross!

On our drive home from Mexico (there’s a lot of time to think), God gave me this vision. As humans, the idea of change comes as a shock to our system

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