Seasons: Summer of the Soul

I realized I needed to get down to writing my summer post before summer was gone. In working on this post, God brought to mind this scripture from Psalm 34.

Psalm 34

Taste and see that the Lord is good. If you think about it, basically all of summer revolves around taste and sight, from grilling up some amazing BBQ, loading up on fresh fruit and veggies (strawberries and peaches are big hits at our house), to taking road trips to new places and witnessing God’s handiwork.


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Seasons: Wintering of the Soul

Winter. The first half of “winter” gallops toward the holidays, doesn’t it? November and December don’t feel dreary because all the momentum is pushing toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. But then New Year’s Eve rolls off the calendar and we’re faced with January and February. Jan and Feb are like, “Hey, we don’t have any big holidays, but look at our ice and snow!”