200th Post!

Friends, welcome to 2017, and to my 200th post!


Now that I’ve welcomed you to 2017, take a step back with me to July 2011. Sun streamed over my desk one July day as I opened my laptop and clicked over to Blogspot. Seconds later “Note to Self” was born. I had finally launched a blog.

My old bedroom. Lots of words were written at that desk!

I mean, it was bound to happen right? I was a journalism major after all.

The collection of notes that inspired my original blog title.

Honestly, I had no expectations or vision of what I wanted the blog to be about, I just wanted to write- and then share

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A Blogger Birthday: Five Years

Five years ago this week, I joined the blogosphere. I picked out a simple template on Blogger, typed in the name “Note to Self,” and shortly after, hit publish on my first post.

5 year anniversary

Five years, nearly 200 posts and a combined 12,000+ page views later, I’m still blogging away. I love getting to blog and share life with all my readers. Thank you for all the likes, shares and comments. It’s exciting when something that has resonated with me resonates with one of you. Thanks

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Success is Stepping Stones

This book journey is unlike any other journey I’ve been on so far. There are many steps that must be walked out before I “get to where I want to be.” I’ve never done it before. There is no one holding my hand. There is no printable schedule. Every day I feel like I’m walking in unmarked territory, and there are times I long for something familiar, something that is worn and I can slip in to (like being a student or working an office job). I long for a stamped pass

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Confessions of a Journalist

“So what are you majoring in?”

I’m a journalism major.”


What are you studying in school, dear?”

“Mass comm, I’m a journalism major.”

“Wow, that’s a tough place for a Christian right now.”

These two responses are basically the only responses I got when I revealed my deep dark secret:

I was a journalism major.