A Problem I Can’t Solve: Fertility Struggles from Kurtis’ View

It’s exciting to see more and more resources, blogs, and support for those walking through fertility struggles. But often, those words of encouragement are written BY the women FOR other women.

What about the guys?

The guys are also walking a tough road, just in a different way from the women. Today, Kurtis is sharing the first of his posts on our journey, giving insight into the unique burdens and struggles a husband faces in infertility.

Fertility from the husband's perspective

I pride myself on being a problem

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The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Does it ever feel like it’s all up to you?

That the burden of getting your body to cooperate is all on you? It feels like you are the only one that can fight this lonely, awkward battle of infertility.  A battle for your body. A battle for victory. A battle over your emotions. A battle to keep conflict and tension at a minimum. Conflict and tension can quickly mount in your heart, in your marriage, and in your other relationships over this journey if you don’t set a boundary for it. A

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Lean on Me

First of all, let me say that I am blown away by the kindness and support you all showed with my post last week. Wow. Every like, comment, text, and share was seen and appreciated. It made me even more thankful for the community God has placed us in.

Because I’m thankful for you, I don’t want you to feel like you need to walk on eggshells, or treat me any differently now that I’ve shared this part of our lives. I am still me. So if you’re someone who isn’t

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1000 Days and Counting: Our Fertility Story

The blinking hourglass changes to the results:  Not pregnant. Maybe it’s the third or fourth or tenth time that message has appeared on an at-home pregnancy test. Maybe it’s the fifteenth time, the twenty-third time, or the thirty-ninth time you’ve started a period instead of missing one. Infertility hovers over your head like a dark shadow, and fertility looms just out of your reach.

I don’t know how many pregnancy tests you have taken, how many specialists you’ve seen to treat

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