October: Emotional Wellness Month

For nearly every day on the calendar (and every MONTH for that matter) there’s some special day or “awareness” focus.

From National Coloring Book Day (August 2) to National Panda Day (March 16) to National Technology Day (January 6) the wacky, meaningful and weird all have their moment in the spotlight. Seriously, whose job is it to assign these?!

For the month of October,  emotional wellness gets its moment in the spotlight, as well it should. A little bit more impactful perhaps than National Coloring Book Day!

When I think of emotional wellness in my own life, I often go to the fruits of the spirit. If something is “off-kilter” with my emotions, that may mean I’m stuck in a flesh response and not reaching for one of the fruits of the spirit. If anxiety and worry are lingering longer than they should, I need to reach for the peace that God offers. If I’m irritated and resentful, patience and gentleness need to be on my “play next” list. You get the idea.

If it’s important for us adults to learn how to process and identify our emotions in a way that honors God, we need to be looking behind us to equip the next generation, to make sure they have the tools in their emotional toolbelt to not only survive but THRIVE.

The Bloom devotional series can help equip girls in that very area.

Bloom Book 1 talks about identity in Christ/self-worth (um we could all use a little help in that area) and growing in God’s word, all foundational building blocks to emotional well-being. If you know who you are and WHOSE you are, it puts our triumphs AND trials in perspective.

Moving on from that inner spiritual life, Bloom Book 2 focuses on a wider circle: relationships with friends and family. Because we all know that factors like peer pressure, strife at home, DRAMA, and facing other growing up challenges can affect young girls’ emotional wellness.

So each week in October, I’ll be highlighting a different aspect of emotional wellness that’s covered in Bloom. Stay tuned for that here on the blog and on my Facebook page as well.

As a disclaimer, I’m no expert in this area nor am I licensed counselor. However, I do know that God created our emotions and that he’s given us guidance in the Bible to process and understand those emotions. When that does become too difficult for us to bear on our own, he’s provided counselors and wise ones to walk with us on that journey so that we are not alone. If you need help connecting to any of these types of resources, please message me because I can help with that.

Buy Bloom books here.

For adults: here’s a great podcast episode that talks about relating to your emotions.

Today is the Day! LAUNCH DAY for Bloom Book 2

Hi friends! Today’s the day! Bloom Book 2 is available for purchase!!

This book is the second installment of the Bloom devotional series, geared for girls ages 9-14. In “Bloom Book 2,” the journey continues as girls will explore important truths about getting along with parents and siblings, and what it takes to make and keep good friendships. After completing this devotional, they will be better equipped to have stronger relationships with everyone in their squad: from their mom to their teacher, to their little sister, to their BFF.

It’s the perfect devotional book for those just starting out in middle school or high school as those years test the limits of friendships and family relationships.

I’d be forever grateful if you purchased one for the young lady in your life, whether that’s your daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor or student!

Bloom Book 2

Once you’ve done that, I’d been even more grateful if you left a review on Amazon. If you’ve noticed your daughter keeps dog-earing pages and you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, leave a little message to help other people make good choices for their kids, too. It’s a team effort to launch a new product, and I am so so thankful for every little bit of help.

Bloom Giveaway!

It’s giveaway time!

To celebrate the launch of Bloom Book 2, I’m holding a giveaway for a signed copy of Bloom Book 2 along with this adorable “Bloom” decal in white! The giveaway is open now!

To enter, click here!

Good luck!

Bloom Book 2 Cover Reveal + Launch Date

Friends, I’m so excited to reveal the cover for Bloom Book 2! All the heart eyes! ? Mark your calendar for SEPTEMBER 18, 2018, the launch date for Bloom Book 2!

This devotional book for preteen girls builds on Book 1, focusing on building healthy relationships with friends and family. We can all use a dose of that, right?! I’ll be talking about giveaways in the coming days so stay tuned!

The writing process for this book has been really different from Book 1. Book 1 was published in about 6 months. By the time I launch Book 2, I will have been working on it for about 18 months. I had it edited last spring, but because of working on our house renovations, starting a new job, and lots of emotional and spiritual burdens, I decided to set the manuscript aside once I got it back from the editor.

I do not regret this decision at all.

Earlier this spring I was ready to tackle the manuscript once more, and I found I had more to say. The Lord was opening my eyes to places I could expand or refine my thoughts and so I’m working on another round of edits now.

As I began working with a new graphic designer, she encouraged me that there was indeed a hole in the market for this type of preteen material.  And once again, I was spurred on to wrap this book up.

It’s been interesting to compare the writing process of both books, and who knows what Book 3 will be like!

Manuscript Timeline:

  • February 2015-July 2015: Wrote first draft of Bloom (originally one book of 365 devotions)
  • November 2015: Decided to split Bloom into 3 books
  • January 2016-March 2016: Wrote first draft of Change the Conversation
  • May 2016: Published Change the Conversation
  • November 2016: Published Bloom Book 1
  • March 2017: Editing on Bloom Book 2
  • September 2018: Publish date for Bloom Book 2
  • 2019??: Bloom Book 3