It’s not a secret nor a surprise that I like words.

I always have and always will. English, spelling, reading and composition have been my go-to subjects from the beginning. I don’t necessarily hate numbers, but words and I kind of have a thing…

Take my room for instance. I have many notes to myself with scripture, intriguing quotes and song lyrics posted in multiple places. This is what my bathroom mirror looks like.


I also have more notes and posters in my closet. Here is one of my favorite scriptures which I had made into a wall quote. It’s the last part of 1 Corinthians 2:9 in case you can’t read it.

Then I have this one phrase that I taped above the light switch in my room. It simply says “Your life follows your words.”

Do you really comprehend just how powerful your words really are? I mean, really and truly have you thought about it? Award yourself a few points if you’ve at least thought about it. Now, do you attempt to live your life like you know just how powerful your words are? (How we doin’ on the points?)

This concept has been at the forefront of my mind over the last several months. I can’t get away from it.


Intangible things, you realize? Intangible, invisible things that come from something smaller than an iPhone: your tongue. Yet words can burn a nation to the ground, or stir its citizens to action. Comfort a weeping child or scar him for life. Make a heart overflow with joy and excitement or break it to pieces that scatter on the wind. Words can set a soul free or shackle it with chains of iron.


I finished reading a little booklet this morning that our church handed out a couple of weeks ago. It is Kenneth Hagin’s “In Him.” So good. Find yourself a copy and read it!

Anyway, this theme of speaking God’s promises and His pure goodness over your life came up again and again.
Do you wonder why you are tired?
Why the rottenest stuff happens to you?
Why all the joy seems to have flown out of your life?

Well, what does your daily conversation and self-talk consist of? Do you constantly complain “I’m sick and tired?” “It’s just my luck that____,” “Geez, can’t this week be over?!” “I just hate school/work/whatever so much!” Etc., etc., etc. Blah blah blah.

As Christians, this type of self-talk is honestly unacceptable. I have been challenging myself to avoid these statements and statements similar and instead confess that God is taking care of me, that it’s all good and that I am healthy and whole. Because all of that is true. I don’t always succeed, but I am trying. And I can tell a difference.

I would challenge you to censor yourself in the same way. Just see what happens.

I in no way mean to belittle or judge other’s circumstances. That’s not my business and not my point. I only mean to lay before you a challenge and leave the rest to you.

Oh and leave you with this story:

Back in the summer, my mom, brother and I were heading to Taco Bell to get one of their slushy drinks after working at my grandmother’s. I had tried a Pina Colada Frutista Freeze a few days ago and wanted another.
But as we pull into the drive-thru, I made an offhand comment of “Just watch and see- they won’t have that kind!”
We pull up to order.
“Pina Colada? Ma’am, we don’t make that kind. We do have Strawberry or…”
To this day, I have never been able to order that flavor.

Just sayin’…

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