Hello all!
Spring is here, or at least I heard someone say that she was and that always brings fresh air and fresh ideas. I’ve been reading lots (on my 12th new book since January 1st) but now I’m ready to do some writing again!
I got the itch to do some crafting this past weekend, after inspiration via a lovely blog. I found some of Liz Marie’s projects on Pinterest after finding her recipe for homemade laundry soap.
This is kind of a bucket list item. I don’t have deep personal convictions on wanting to make my own soap. I just want to try it and if I can save a little moola in the process, no complaints here.
I’ve linked her original projects in the text below.
So making laundry soap is on the to-do list, as well as sprucing up some planters for sweet little succulent plants I think someone is getting me for my birthday 😉 Stay tuned for those projects.
I made the cakestand and twine bowl (first and was decently pleased with the results for being a novice crafter. The afternoon did result in burned fingers, a broken bowl and candlestick, but when the hubby carried me out of the kitchen so I wouldn’t step on glass, again- can’t complain 😉 
Below are the finished projects.

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