Periodically, I feel the Lord leading me to spend a week quiet in His presence. Truly quiet. No wrestling with decisions. No distracted praying.
Just… listening.  Listening for His voice in my soul.
Do we really know how to listen? Remorsefully, I think about how often I fill the time with me and God with words…so many words. Not all bad ones. But do I stop enough to listen to Him? Do I pause long enough to hear His voice?

Know this, my beloved brothers; let every person be quick to hear… James 1:19

 In any relationship, there is talking and listening; giving and taking. Why should communicating with God be any different? We’ve been in those conversations that are really monologues. You can’t get a word in to save your life, and if you happen to eke out a few thoughts, it’s obvious the other person is just waiting for your mouth to stop moving so they can pick up where they left off.
Are we carrying on a monologue with God?
Our society puts much emphasis on words. Fill the void with words. They don’t even have to be helpful or true it seems like…just produce words. We can’t let that mentality bleed into our relationship with Jesus. If you find yourself (like me) lacking on listening, don’t hesitate to relax in God’s presence, close your eyes, and just listen. Whether He has something to say to you or simply wants to bless you with His nearness, let Him have the floor.
God has so refreshed me this week. I have felt His arms wrap around my soul.
He is eager to do the same for you.

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