This year, it wasn’t even November 15th and I was cranking out decorations, playing Christmas music and stockpiling supplies for holiday goodies. Who is this person?!

After the past 11 months, my soul has definitely needed a reason to celebrate and share gifts with those in my life.

I have needed an outlet for creativity and for thoughtfulness.

I have needed some sparkle, some light.

Life can be awfully dark and cruel at times. But Christmas truly is a season of peace and light, if we let it be.

I discovered the artist Sleeping at Last a couple of months ago and the quiet hope threaded through many of the songs resonates deep within.

Their song “Snow” captured me immediately. Haunting, yet joyful. Thoughtful and a little melancholy. But overall: hopeful.

“Welcome December with tireless hope…”

Whether you’re facing Christmas with less people around the table than the year before, or your burden seems to weigh a little heavier, or maybe you just need to be reminded of what’s truly precious, this song is for you.


Let God breathe new life into your family this Christmas with new traditions, a fresh sense of His presence, and a reawakened awe at the greatest gift of all: Jesus.
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*I hope you are enjoying my Glad Tidings series! These are some of my favorite songs and little nuggets I felt the Lord spoke to my heart this Christmas season. They are not meant in anyway to be deep theological discussions or exhaustive expositions of the lyrics. I do not own any rights to the music: lyrics or otherwise. The songs were found via YouTube.*

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