Elizabeth and Mary. Two pregnancies against all odds.
A virgin birth? A pregnancy after menopause? Medically impossible. Highly unlikely.
Imagine the looks the teenager and grandma-aged lady must have gotten from neighbors, even friends. The suspected immorality. The whispered comments behind palms.
God in His mercy didn’t leave these special women to bear these feelings and emotions on their own. I believe He orchestrated these two dynamic pregnancies to coincide with one another in order to provide the support and encouragement the new moms would need.
Elizabeth’s husband, John, couldn’t talk throughout her pregnancy. How hard would that be to not hear the voice of your love, your closest friend for nine months?
Mary wasn’t even with Joseph for a third of her pregnancy, a whole trimester. I hate it when my husband is out of town for the weekend, so I can’t imagine being separated from him for that length of time.
God’s love and care is demonstrated by bringing these two women together under extraordinary circumstances. John’s mother and Jesus’ mother had a unique road ahead of them. The friendship and pregnancy moments shared during those three months undoubtedly fortified them for the days to come.
Whether it’s in pregnancy, miscarriage or barrenness, God is faithful to provide companions to join you on the journey. You have to be willing to let God accomplish this work, though. Sometimes it means opening up a difficult part of your life. Sometimes it means finding friendship in unlikely places.
Bringing new life into the world and conversely, waiting oh so expectantly for life to begin in you is a difficult road to walk. And while husbands provide the tenderness and support that few others, even in our own families, could provide, other women in the same situation understand deeper nuances of the journey that few others can.
Look around you. If you are struggling with feeling alone and isolated, I bet God has placed companions in your life who will pray for you, share your burden and join you on the journey of bearing life, or the struggle to understand why your body has not borne life yet.
Maybe God is calling you to reach out to some women in your life.
It’s the enemy who wants us to feel isolated and alone. He can wreak great havoc on those who are separated from the flock. God never wants us to feel isolated and alone. His word promises He is always with us, and He desires that we find companionship and support in the body of Christ.
Sisters, let us follow Elizabeth and Mary’s example and support one another, during such seasons as these and always.
Based on Luke 1:5-36; 39-45; 56

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