I don’t know about you, but I just can’t switch from my well-worn Bible I’ve had since I was a sophomore in college. Anyone else feel the same attachment?

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When I flip through the pages, I’m reminded of all the times God spoke to me about my future husband, when He comforted me after the loss of a friend, and when I was seeking direction for a new school year, and many other circumstances.

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The marked pages remind me of prayers that weighed heavily on me at the time, but now stand answered. I also see promises that I’m still waiting to see fulfilled and I’m encouraged to remain steadfast. I also know where certain scriptures are simply because I remember where they are highlighted on the page! (Bad thing? Good thing?)

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I see the verses that encouraged me after my first (and last) breakup and the scripture a friend sent me after the death of my grandfather. I see the verses I joyfully underlined the night Kurtis and I got engaged. I read and re-read the verses that the Holy Spirit brings me to time and again, reminding me that God never changes. And I see the portions of Scripture I have yet to study deeply.

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I see my past, present and future in these pages.

I’ve tried before to “start fresh” and let God speak to me through unmarred pages. I know other people have their own tried-and-true Bible marking systems. But for me, I just keep coming back to this trusty raspberry-colored ESV. It keeps me in touch with my spiritual history. I look forward with expectation to what God is going to do in my life, while remembering where I came from.

What about you? What’s the longest you’ve used a Bible? Do you use a study bible?

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