It is well. Do you know what a courageous phrase that is? It. Is. Well.

It rather slides out with carefree, even careless, ease when life is humming along in a harvest season. In a blessing season. But can you utter those words in a valley season? In a sowing season?

The Source of Peac

It is well.

Work is numbing and unfulfilling, but God provides. It is well.

Family members are hurting and struggling, but God protects. It is well.

The diagnosis is grim, but God is a healer. It is well.

The world is losing its mind, but God is in control. It is well.

Our most precious dreams are yet unrealized, but God loves us still. It is well.

In a sermon I listened to earlier this summer (can’t remember which one now), the speaker said the world typically defines peace by absence of something: absence of strife, absence of noise, absence of conflict. I think we all know that definition falls short for our life here on earth, for strife, noise, and conflict is most definitely not absent. Is there something, anything to bridge the gap between our reality and the prize of peace?

Not something. Someone.

As Christians, we define peace as the presence of someone: the person of Jesus Christ. He can and does come to us in the midst of any circumstance and creates peace right where He stands. In the midst of strife. In the midst of noise. In the midst of conflict. In the midst of terror and war. Hallelujah.

It is well.

This has been the theme of my life this year. It’s been a daily choice to declare “It is Well” over my life. Some days I’ve done a better job with that than others. I’ve learned you will say this phrase when it feels like life is anything but that. When you heart is pierced, when you feel drained, yet it’s the very words your soul needs to utter.

It is well.

I don’t know what may be going on your life this holiday season, or what you are facing this next year, but I pray you find the courage to utter the words “It is Well” and that you fall more deeply in love with the one who makes all things well.

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