I first heard the Charlie Hall song “You Are God” my sophomore year in college. The line that immediately stuck in my mind was “He is…closer than our troubles.” When there is a situation or person that is troubling us, it seems as if everywhere we turn there are reminders of those problems, that crisis. They do feel uncomfortably close, like they’re falling in on us. We can’t escape them in our mind.

But we know from God’s word and reminders like this song, that God is closer than our troubles. Like a kid lost in a crowded store who feels like everyone is pressing in, God scoops us up, and carries us above the crowd.

Closer than Our Troubles

In BSF this week, a couple of the ladies made references to how oftentimes in the Bible, God’s presence is likened to smoke. Read here and here.

What happens when we are around smoke? It permeates our clothing, saturates our hair, fills our lungs. Just a short stint around a campfire and you smell like you’ve lived in the woods for days. When we spend time in prayer and reading God’s word, His presence permeates our heart and minds, pushing away the troubles that seem to press in ever closer.

Instead of focusing on the daunting circumstances we all face, let God’s holy presence permeate our souls and minds. He indeed is nearer than any troubles.

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