I love spring so much. Balmy weather, sandals, snocone stands opening, sunshine, my birthday…

Spring is most definitely my favorite season. Maybe that’s because I was born right as trees were greening up and flowers were just beginning to bloom. It’s when I started to bloom, too. The fluffy Bradford pear trees and sunny daffodils are like a love letter to each of us from God, promising new life, a fresh start. Only, don’t breathe too deeply around the Bradford pear trees…

5c3d1-2014-04-0619-57-17I become re-energized as the dryness of winter sloughs off, and I just want to soak up the sunshine and fresh breezes. Some of which are breezier than others.


The air is filled with promise, life, newness. Dreams and plans take on a new face in the young sunshine, with green growth all around. Everything looks a little more possible in the spring.


What is God stirring in your heart this spring season?

What dreams are taking shape, or what plans are tugging at your heart?

What has the world not yet seen from you?

Let them unfold and take shape. Let them fill a space that was previously void. Happy Spring, y’all.


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