“You probably won’t remember any of this speech, so I’m going to keep it short.”

That was six years ago, and funny, but this is the only graduation speech I remember.

My family and I were attending high school graduation for several of our friends, and the keynote speaker was James Lankford. He pointed us to John 21:19, the passage where Jesus leaves his disciples with some final words. “Follow Me.”

The gist of Lankford’s speech was that the most important thing graduates (and any of us) could choose to do every day was to follow Jesus. He had nothing of greater importance to admonish the graduating class than with those two words. They are marked in my Bible to this day.

Follow me.

So what choice have you made today? Are you following Jesus? Are you following him with your thoughts about your spouse, the driver next to you, what you listen to? Are you following him with your words to your coworkers or your children? Are you following him with your actions, be they private or public?



What choice have you made with your life? Do you follow Jesus, or do you follow your own whims, intuitions, guesses, and plans? Deciding who you are going to follow each day really is the most important decision you can make.

More important than what time to leave in the morning, who to hire or who to fire, what to tell your kids to do about friends, and how many sugars to put in your coffee.

Who are you following today?

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