Some days the struggle is real, am I right? Today I’m opening up and talking about a couple of areas that I personally struggle with and that the Lord is currently having me work on.


In case you didn’t know, Samantha as an adult is an introvert. I don’t think I was like that as a child (as some charming unfortunate home videos would reveal), but it’s what I’ve evolved into as a young adult. I recharge by being alone, and by being surrounded by silence. And it’s not that I don’t like people, but I realize that I have to make more of an effort to bring other people into my weekly schedule because it’s not going to happen on its own. I don’t exclude on purpose, it simply doesn’t even cross my mind.

If I’m at home with my husband, I’m very content. I also work alone during the day and relish the silence and freedom I have for 8-10 hours a day. However, there’s room for improvement. Because I do work alone, I do have more of a store of energy that I can encourage and bless others with. When I worked an office job, that was not the case. The Lord is gently reminding me that I need to make more room for other people in my life, as we were designed for community. Even if it’s seeing if another couple wants to watch a movie at our house, I need to make that effort because it’s not going to happen on it’s own.

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Pushing Through

If you were to ask me, “Am I mentally tough?” I would say yes. Through years of training as a dancer, I constantly pushed my body to do un-normal things, and would be elated when a series of elements, skills, or technique came together for me after putting in hours of work. I would’ve called that being mentally (as well as physically) tough.

That has only taken me so far though. The experiences of publishing a book, running, and other areas in my life have revealed a lack of mental toughness. It’s humbling. It’s also irritating. But I’m working on it. Hard doesn’t have to be scary. Hard doesn’t mean something is wrong. And you usually can do more than you realize. Running one mile without stopping was once insurmountable in my mind, but I knew my body had to have the wherewithal to do that and more. It did, but my mind wanted me to think otherwise.

I have a note on my chalkboard that says, “Do double what I think is necessary.” Disclaimer: for some, this is not a message you need to hear. You already push yourself mentally, maybe in ways that are even unhealthy. But for me, it’s a reminder that not only can I do more than I expect, more is exactly what needs to happen.

What about you?

It’s hard to turn that gaze inward, but what are some areas in your life that God is calling you to shore up? What are areas of weakness that need some strength built in? I would encourage to take some time to journal or pray though those areas and see how the Lord would have you address them. You just might surprise yourself.

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