We all have our old favorites when it comes to Christmas music. You know, the ones you have seven different versions of. For me, those would be O Holy Night and O Come Emmanuel.

But each year, a new song manages to capture my heart at the manger, and leads me to worship in front of the throne.

This year, it’s Christy Nockles, “Advent Hymn.” If you haven’t listened to it yet, take some time to listen to it below.

Here I wait in hope of you…

When I first heard this song, I thought of Anna and Simeon, who greeted Jesus as a baby the day he was dedicated at the temple. God had promised them they would see the savior before they died, but years had gone by with no sign of the promised one. The same prayers were prayed day after day, year after year, observing Advent without even knowing it had a name!

Until one day, a young couple with their tiny infant visited the temple. Hope finally had a face, and he had entered their lives. They would never be the same.

Whenever I hear those lyrics, I hear the cries of generations past, people of long ago who hoped and longed for the Lord. I also feel my own spirit crying out for the Lord, for him to come, for him to move in my life, to answer prayers, to be glorified above all.

When, Lord, When?

Can you imagine what it was like for Anna and Simeon? They were well into their sunset years, and I’m sure there were days they had almost given up hope. Israel seemed to grow weaker under the oppressive Roman rule, and still no leader had been raised up. When, Lord?

I don’t know what you are longing for in your lives. I don’t know what prayers you have prayed day after day, year after year. I don’t know what God has promised you. But can I encourage you to keep hoping? To keep waiting?

Our God is a faithful God, and when it looks like we’ve been hung out to dry, he is meticulously working behind the scenes, not maliciously holding out on us. I firmly believe that.

This Christmas season, hang on, hold on, and keep praying.

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