Hi friends! Today’s the day! Bloom Book 2 is available for purchase! This book is the second devotional of my “Bloom” series, geared for girls ages 9-14. In “Bloom Book 2,” the devotional journey continues as girls will explore important truths about getting along with parents and siblings, and what it takes to make and keep good friendships. After completing this devotional, they will be better equipped to have stronger relationships with everyone in their squad: from their mom to their teacher, to their little sister, to their BFF.

It’s the perfect devotional book for those just starting out in middle school or high school as those years test the limits of friendships and family relationships.

I’d be forever grateful if you purchased one for the young lady in your life, whether that’s your daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor or student!

devotional for girls

Once you’ve done that, I’d been even more grateful if you left a review on Amazon. If you’ve noticed your daughter keeps dog-earing pages and you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, leave a little message to help other people make good choices for their kids, too. It’s a team effort to launch a new product, and I am so so thankful for every little bit of help.

devotional for girls

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