“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”
Psalm 126:3

I turned twenty-two in 2012.

If 2011 was a list of traumatic events, 2012 was a bumper crop of blessings.

In April, I was accepted into an internship program at a publishing house.

In May, I graduated from college and found out two of my devotions were set to publish in the fall.

In June, Kurtis and I got engaged.

In October, I became a published author.

In November, Kurtis and I got married.

From the outside looking in, these events seemed to happen in quick succession, but they were the result of seeds that had been planted months, even years prior. But remember the high cost of sacrifice I talked about in my previous post? This harvest was costly because of what went into it.

And a costly harvest should be celebrated and enjoyed. That year, I believe I did that to the best of my ability, and it serves as a continuing reminder that God gives us permission to celebrate right where we are. We can fully embrace the present because that is where HE is.

Yet even as I relished in the bounty and praised the giver of good things, already new seeds were being planted for a new harvest that hasn’t been reaped yet. Diligence in marriage, new nourishing relationships, new career ideas, new journeys with the Lord, and dreams of a family.

I await with an expectant heart to see the next harvest in my life.

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