Thank you again for all your support with the release of Bloom Book 3. I couldn’t do it without you. This series has been four years in the making and it’s so crazy to see the writing and releasing part of the journey come to end. I hope the books have been a blessing to the young girls in your life! If you’re finished reading any or all of the books and are wondering how else you can engage with and support the book, consider leaving a review on Amazon. How do Amazon reviews help authors?

How Amazon Reviews Help Authors

We all use reviews to help us make good decisions for our families: from restaurants to products, to technology, we use other people’s opinions and experiences to help shape our experiences.

It’s no different when it comes to finding good books, especially good books for your kids. It’s hard to sift through all the material out there, so if you been reading through the book with your kid, if they keep dog-earring the pages, consider leaving some helpful comments on Amazon. You don’t have to write a novel, but just a few words that will help other parents make good choices for their kids. Even just a star review helps us authors out.

Your reviews also help more than you realize behind the scenes in the “Amazon algorithm workshop.” Just one review helps me climb in the rankings on Amazon! Which means that more readers can have the opportunity to enjoy the books, just like you have. The rankings are not the goal in and of themself, but about helping more readers discover encouragement and truth.

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