Hi all! I’m excited to share that my latest plan is live on YouVersion!

Change the Conversation is the very first book I ever wrote and I’m so excited to introduce it to a new crowd through the YouVersion app.

CTC is a short book designed to spur conversation between teens and young adults and the leaders in their lives about how to date in a way that honors God. We know the word dating doesn’t exist in the Bible; it’s a man-made construct. But as with all the other functions in our lives, there are plenty of ways that we can go about it that lead us closer to God, and plenty more that would lead us away from God. And I’m all about helping the next generation uncover the ways that will lead them closer to God.

The book is not prescriptive in that I don’t give hard guidelines or pretend to know what’s best for every couple. It’s more of a tool to check your mindset towards relationships and dating.

I think it’s also incredibly important for parents and the church to lead the way in holding space for these conversations, as the world is all too happy to speak into these spaces.

My hope is that the plan, and the book if you choose to dive deeper, will encourage you or a younger person in your life to keep Christ first when it comes to dating relationships.

Check out the plan here.

Buy the book here.

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