Bloom Book 2 is Three!

Isn’t it a thing that middle children can sometimes feel overlooked? I’d hate for Bloom Book 2 to feel that way, so it’s getting some love this week!

The middle book in the Bloom series turns three this week! Its cover is actually my personal favorite out of all three (don’t tell Books 1 and 3) and focuses on topics near and dear to my heart: friends and family.

Do you remember what it was like as a middle schooler trying to navigate developing friendships and shifting dynamics with family as you grew and began to further develop your own identity? It is awkward at best and traumatic at worst. That’s why this book focuses on biblical truths about friends and family and healthy ways of growing in those relationships. And hey, we can all always be learning and growing in these areas, can’t we?

Happy Birthday Bloom Book 2!

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Maternity Leave and What That Means For You

Still seems so surreal that I get to write this, but in anticipation of the arrival of our son in early November, I’m blessed to be able to take a couple of months off during the holidays for maternity leave. Beginning November 1, 2021, I’ll be pausing all client work until after the holidays and assess where I’m at in my postpartum journey beginning in January.

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What does that mean for you as an author?

While I won’t be working on client work during November and December, I will still be able to schedule select projects beginning in January. So if you aren’t quite sure when you’ll finish your first draft but anticipate using some downtime during the holidays to finish, now is the perfect time to reach out so we can get you on the calendar for 2022. I can help you assess where your manuscript is at and clarify the types of editing that would be most beneficial to you.

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