Remembering Elisabeth Elliot

Today marks five years since Elisabeth Elliot passed away at the age of 88.

Elisabeth Elliot was a missionary, author, mother, and wife of slain missionary Jim Elliot and perhaps no other Christian author has had a bigger impact on my walk with the Lord than she has. I was first introduced to her story when I was in middle school, and ever since I read the story of her and her husband and their missionary team moving to Ecuador to reach the natives there, I’ve been captivated. I even had the privilege to hear her speak when I was 11 or 12. Sadly, I didn’t grasp the significance of who I was listening to that day and don’t remember much of what was said. Youth is wasted on the young…or something like that.

As I read about her life, her decision-making process, how she spent time in the word, and how she always put God first in everything, I remember it gave me such a sense of freedom to be who God called me to be.  She shined a light on the path of what it meant to be completely sold out to Christ.

“The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.”

Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be A Woman

In more recent years, I’m finding her works on suffering to be encouraging through different trials that I have faced, once again shining a light on how God draws so near to believers who are suffering and how some of the most precious, tender lessons are learned in the fire of trials.

“Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God’s story never ends with ashes.”

Elisabeth Elliot, These Strange Ashes

Back in 2015, the New York Times published a great article on her life and her work, and it’s still up today. You can read it here.

I would love to be able to say thank you for the impact her books have had (and will continue to have on my life). I guess I will get to do that one day.

Previously published in June of 2015. Revised June 2020.

A Simple Prayer for Midweek

Dear Lord, we come to you and offer this simple prayer for midweek. Our strength and creativity may be flagging. So where we are tempted to trust in our own resources, let us lean into your strength and trust you for support (Psalm 20:2). Where we are tempted to focus on the negative, let us rehearse your goodness in our minds (Psalm 145:7). For in rehearsing your goodness, your faithfulness, and your love, our minds and hearts are strengthened against the attacks of the enemy.

At midweek, Sunday can already seem so long ago. Let us not forget how you spoke to us on the weekend. Let us not forget how you moved in our circles, our state, our country. Let us not forget how you answered our prayers yesterday, last week, or a decade ago. (Psalm 118:17)

Renew our hope and renew our energy, so that we can soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:28-31). Let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing in your sight (Psalm 19:14). In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Simple Prayer for Midweek

In case you missed it:

A Simple Prayer for Sunday

A Simple Prayer for Sunday Evening

Toward the end of 2019, I was struggling with falling asleep. Especially as I would try and fall asleep on Sunday evenings heading into a new week, my heart would be overwhelmed with processing all the interactions from church earlier in the day and sorting through the tasks awaiting me Monday morning. My heart would race. My mind would ping from a conversation I had to a book I read to the manuscript still needing more editing, ending up in a discouraging place that was not conducive to rest.

And yes, I would pray and reflect on Scripture and avoid caffeine and all the other usual suspects. But I still struggling to voice my feelings and hit reset.

So I decided to write out a simple prayer for Sunday evenings. I knew I kept struggling with the same feelings week after week so I decided to head them off with a thoughtful, purposeful prayer.

And it worked. Naming those feelings and claiming God’s sovereignty was just what my soul needed to relax and climb under the covers. I started writing prayers for the other days of the week which I plan to share in upcoming posts. As we know each day brings unique challenges, my heart needed to hear special messages on those days as well.

So if you find yourself a little anxious and if your thoughts won’t stop pinballing as a new week unfolds, you’re not alone. Let’s set our hearts at ease in the presence of the One who holds it all together.

A Simple Prayer for Sunday Evening

A Simple Prayer for Sunday Evenings

Lord, I come to you as one week ends and another already begins to unfold. Bring me peace and clarity as I process all that the past week brought me and bring me peace and confidence as new unknowns stretch before me. Remind me that I don’t have to process everything tonight and I can be content with unanswered questions and undone tasks on my doorstep (Psalm 131).

I don’t have to fuss and flit about for your approval because in you, I have a delightful inheritance. I can also rest in the boundaries that you have placed around each day (Psalm 16:6).

I don’t have to think all the thoughts, for you are God, not me.

In you, not me, all things hold together. You stand before this new week in authority, not me. (Colossians 1:17).

In Jesus’ name, amen.