Our world is constantly being shaped by words.

Whoever wields the words holds incredible power. I am passionate about wielding words for good, whether it be writing my own or refining the words of others. For the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of writing and editing, helping individuals and businesses share the words that are most important to them.

My writing experience includes self-publishing four books, publishing six plans on the YouVersion Bible app with a combined 350,000+ subscribers, and writing/editing more than 100 articles and posts for clients across a variety of fields.

The writing process has naturally honed my editing skills and vice versa. I have helped more than 60 authors take their manuscripts to the next phase in the publishing process by providing professional line and copy editing.

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when i'm not writing...

You can find me snuggling my son, studying the Bible, getting coffee with friends, or traveling with my hubby.