A New Adventure: Blog Update

Hi friends! This weekend, I’m excited to announce I’m launching a NEW blog and Facebook page with my friend, Diana. I met Diana when I first started coming to Cherokee Hills in 2012. While our stories are different, we have both dealt with infertility struggles. And we have both felt God’s leading to create a welcoming place for others with similar struggles to share the lessons we’ve learned and provide encouragement.

sam and di blog update

Waiting to become a mom is hard. It’s weighty, cumbersome, and lonesome. Our mission is to help “share the weight of waiting.”

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

“Infertility” has many different faces: unexplained infertility, male infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, secondary infertility, miscarriages, among others. Spanning out from those struggling with infertility is the network of family, friends, coworkers, pastors, employers, and other loved ones of those walking this strange road. If you are in that camp, you have probably wondered a time or two how to best support these special people in your life without appearing insensitive, either by saying far too much, or far too little. We will dive into all these topics and more on the Facebook page and blog

If you’ve been following Kurtis and I’s fertility journey, I’ll be continuing our story exclusively on the new page and blog, leaving this blog to focus on other regular content.

Come join us!

Sam & Di Facebook

Sam & Di Blog

Afraid of the Unknown: Guest Post by Diana

One of the blessings (yes, blessings) that has come through this painful fertility journey is deepened relationships with friends, especially those who are walking a similar journey into the unknown of fertility struggles.Afraid of the unknown

One of those friends that I am so grateful for is Diana. Diana and her husband are walking their own fertility journey and through the past few years, Diana has been my go-to gal, the gal who, if she asks me how I’m doing, I can say “I’m not OK,” and she’ll nod knowingly. No other words are needed.

Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself… – C.S. Lewis

Diana was kind enough to share a few thoughts of her own on this journey. As adults, we may not be scared about monsters hiding under our beds, but the “unknowns” of the future lurking in the shadows can make us catch our breath all the same.

Afraid of the unknown

Worrying can come from the “what if” statements or thoughts we dwell on: “What if my car breaks down?” “What if I lose my job?” “What if my house gets broken into?” Most of these statements and thoughts are legitimate and realistic circumstances that could really happen, so we have the right to worry about them, right? No!

The Bible clearly states, “Therefore, don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.” All after describing how God has taken care of you, and the birds, and the lilies. And it’s true! No matter where you are, what you’ve done, and where you’ve been, God has always been there with you.

All of the hard circumstances that we’ve been in have helped shape the people we are today, whether we have already been through them or are still experiencing hard times. In fact, God promises that we will experience hard times and tribulations in this life (John 16:33). Trouble, trials, hard times, tribulations, and yes, the unknown, are all apart of living in a fallen world.

A time for everything, even the unknowns

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 describes a time for everything. This is my grandmother’s favorite verse, probably because she has lived life and seen that all of these things that Ecclesiastes lists have happened in life. There is a time in our life for all of these emotions, actions, and reactions. BUT through all of these circumstances we must remain faithful to our Lord (John 15:4, John 15:9) and we must find joy in those circumstances (James 1:2).

“Joy?” you say. “Girl, do you know what I’ve been through?” No…I don’t, but God does, and even if you think you are in the most miserable situation in life you could possibly be in, do you know how long you will be there?

Do you know how much longer you will be at your miserable job? Live on the tightest budget ever? Wait on becoming parents? Struggle with disease? The truth is, we don’t know.

Why be bitter?

In most cases, if you are struggling with these or any tough life situation you do not know how much longer you will have to go through this life situation you are in. So how long are you stubbornly going to remain bitter and upset and mad at life? A month, a year, three years, six years? And while we are talking about time….God doesn’t promise us tomorrow. So you could very well die as a bitter person, if you never choose to look for the joy in life.

Usually this is hard to start, but once you do start looking for the joy in life it’s hard to stop!

Afraid of the unknown
Beautiful weather
Peaceful and smooth ride to work
A job
Your house
Reliable transportation
Ability to pay bills

The things you overlook on a day to day basis are blessings that are passing you by if you choose to only focus on the bad parts of life. Even though we are unsure of the unknown we should remain faithful that God has a plan (Jeremiah 29:11) and find joy in all circumstances.

I do know that waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty, to carry within oneself the unanswered question, lifting the heart to God about it whenever it intrudes upon one’s thoughts. Its easy to talk oneself into a decision that has no permanence – easier sometimes than to wait patiently. – Elisabeth Elliot

6 Helpful Infertility Activities for Individuals and Couples

Today’s post is going to be super practical. I’m sharing six simple infertility activities couples or individuals can occupy themselves with when the journey gets rough.

Healthy infertility activities

Create a photo book/scrapbook of a past season of life

Over the past year, I’ve spent quite a bit of time organizing photos and creating photo books of my college years, Kurtis’ and I’s dating/engagement season, our honeymoon, and years 1-4 of marriage. To look back at all the Lord has done and how he carried us through; the friendships he’s blessed us with, the memories we’ve already made, is incredibly healing. (The act of being grateful is always healing.) Also, when in the midst of a messy, undone season, it’s encouraging to look back on a season that is finished, to see God’s hand through beginning to end.

Adopt a pet

I realize this isn’t a feasible infertility activity for everyone, and truthfully I didn’t see us taking on the responsibility for a pet so soon. But after an incredibly difficult week in October, I reached a breaking point. I sent Kurtis links to several dogs at local shelters and was basically like, “Pick one, because we’re getting a dog this week.”

Healthy infertility activities

Podrick has turned our hearts upside down for the better, and while our house may be a little dirtier than before, it’s totally worth it. It’s been good for Kurtis and I to work together as a team for Podrick, train him, and take care of him. Also he’s very handsome. So handsome, right? He’s my little buddy, and he’s been a balm to my soul.

Incorporate touchstones

What do I mean by touchstones? I mean anything that can bring your focus back to the Lord and his faithfulness, and your hopes for the future. It will look different for different people. For me, I’ve created a hope wall, integrating two important symbols for one theme: hope and anchors.

Healthy infertility activities

I have a “hope” box  with the notes and cards people have sent us throughout this journey, an ornament and a onesie. I also have a journal that I started this year that will be for my future child. Each week I jot down a short entry. I have special playlist on my phone called “Trust” because God has used each of the songs on there to encourage me at different points throughout the last three years and remind me where I’ve placed my trust.

Of note

Keep in mind I didn’t do all of these infertility activities after one year of trying. I’ve been slow to accumulate that which is truly meaningful on this journey. As the spirit has led me, I’ve put together these items. So I would encourage you to do the same: follow the spirit’s guidance, not because there’s pressure to do or buy something.

Seek community

One of the most important infertility activities you can do is seek community. I hope that you have a circle of support with friends walking the same journey. Whether through online support groups or with friends you see on a weekly basis, community is SO IMPORTANT. Infertility is incredibly isolating and unchecked, can foster feelings of jealousy, bitterness, inferiority, and depression. But when buoyed by healthful loving community, these dark specters aren’t as likely to stick around.

If you don’t have community, start by asking your pastor or small group leader if they know of other couples who are struggling with infertility. It may also be time to open up about your own struggles, because that in turn gives others encouragement to do the same, and you might find some unlikely friends on your journey.

Develop creative outlets

Whether it’s gardening, painting, cooking, knitting, selling a product, or starting a business, begin to explore some creative ventures you can invest yourself in. In this season of not being able to get pregnant and bear life, it’s been healing to still produce through my work as a writer (and previously as a dance teacher). I’ve always had some creative outlet, whether it be dance or writing, and they’ve been a lifeline to remind myself that I am not barren. Beautiful words and projects have been conceived in me and I’ve given birth to some of them, and others are not yet due. It may not be the fruit that I want to be bearing right now, but it is the fruit God has allowed me to bear, and I have to believe that’s for good reason.

Healthy infertility activities

Seek counseling

At the end of the day, it may be in your best interest to seek professional counseling. A counselor can provide insight and direction for your thoughts without the bias of knowing you, competing with you, or getting tired of you. All of those things can cloud otherwise helpful dialogue. There’s no shame in treating our minds and souls with respect by getting the help we need. As our bodies undergo so much, our minds need help too.

Other infertility activity resources*

Along our infertility journey, I’m always on the lookout for books, blogs, and other resources that can bring encouragement, direct my thoughts, and otherwise give voice to feelings and emotions that I can’t otherwise. Here are some of my favorites


In Due Time

I am Fruitful


In Due Time

None Like Him

Still Waiting

Hannah’s Hope

Anchored in Hope

Now it’s your turn to help each other. What helpful activities or rituals have helped you on this infertility journey? Share in the comments below!

*No affiliate links, just helpful suggestions!

The Waiting Room

Ugh, why are so many people here? I tried to shake off irritation and sleepiness as I signed in for my monthly appointment at the fertility clinic. I glanced at the clock as I took a seat in the waiting room. 7:55.

Lordy, it was early, especially after getting into town late last night after a 17-hour drive home from Georgia.

The room was more crowded than usual, which only fueled my dark mood. Two ladies were loudly catching up on their lives since junior high. I need at least two hours of quiet in the morning before holding conversations longer than two sentences. Again, I tried to focus on catching up on my Twitter feed, but was soon distracted by a scene at the coffee machine. Surely this wasn’t happening.

A first-time Keurig user.

The poor guy just wanted some coffee, but I was ready to tear my hair out by the time he was adding creamer and sugar.

He first couldn’t figure out if he need to open the K-cup. No, the answer is no. And then he couldn’t understand how to open the machine. Then he didn’t know if he needed to take out the basket. Again, the answer is no. He also might have struggled to turn on the machine. Each step I was almost ready to dart over there and slam the cup in the basket and start the machine, but he managed to figure it out.

Poor coffee guy was just a blip on the spectrum of eternity, but it just added to my annoyance of being THERE for THAT reason. Again.

A Spiritual Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are not a fun place to be, are they? Sometimes other people are annoying and you can’t escape. Your time is not your own, and sometimes, un-fun procedures await you. Waiting seasons are very similar. Your time is not your own. Annoyances rub into wounds like salts. And you know the refining process, the waiting process may not be very “fun.”

I don’t know what you’re waiting on: a spouse, a job, a home, a healing, or maybe a baby like I am. God hasn’t forgotten you and he never will. But his ways can’t always be explained. Sometimes, God uses spiritual waiting rooms to prepare us for things to come. For the same inexplicably reason that Kurtis and I are having to wait to be parents, he chose to bring us together in marriage miraculously and rapidly. Within nine months of meeting each other for the first time, we were engaged. It’s not every day something moves as fast as that. I can’t explain why he chose to do that. I also can’t explain why we still aren’t parents yet.

Waiting Rooms Aren’t Homes

It’s hard to fight the feeling that God has slammed on the brakes on a road that you could see your way clearly down. You turn to him and want to question, then yell, “What is wrong?!” It’s hard to fight the feeling of loss and confusion as you sit there in the waiting room (literally and figuratively) as one by one, all the other patients get called in for their time with the Doctor, but you’re left sitting there.

But even if it doesn’t feel like it, waiting rooms are not our homes. We don’t stay there. We are only there for a little bit. (OK, sometimes we’re in there for a LONG time, but you get my point) So don’t give up hope. Keep your eyes on the one who sees the whole painting, the whole tapestry, the whole puzzle for what it really is. A beautiful masterpiece where no one is forgotten, no pain is wasted, no hope is foolish.

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