Samantha Hanni
Freelance Writer & Editor

I'd love to help you and your words shine!



Polished content, delivered. What’s on your mind? What ideas are you ready to share with the world but maybe don’t have the time to write them? Just point me toward the right topic, and let’s get started.


Do you capitalize this person’s title? Do I use a comma or semicolon? With experience in AP and CMOS, I clean up and tighten your manuscript so that they follow the appropriate format.

Publishing Help

Is a writing a book in your future, but not sure where to start? I’m happy to share my experiences and talk you through self-publishing options. Make this the year of your book.

What Words will you write?

Do you find yourself with a message, a story that just has to escape your brain onto paper (or a webpage)? Are you drowning in compelling content in need of polish and pizazz? Do you desire to get your life-changing, world-shaking words out there, but would rather climb Mount Everest than make decisions on Oxford commas or capitalizations? I’m here to help you.

A lifelong obsession with words

When I was a kid, I read everything. The back of Happy Meals, atlases, billboards, cereal boxes – if it was within my reach and had words on it, I was reading it.
With one eye constantly reading, the other eye was constantly writing. A collection of journals and notebooks carried my random scribblings, sketches, and story ideas.

I also channeled my inner Belle by taking a book with me most places. Writing my own book you ask? That’s been on my dream list since age 7, and it became a reality at age 26.

Let's get started on your project!