I realized I needed to get down to writing my summer post before summer was gone. In working on this post, God brought to mind this scripture from Psalm 34.

Psalm 34

Taste and see that the Lord is good. If you think about it, basically all of summer revolves around taste and sight, from grilling up some amazing BBQ, loading up on fresh fruit and veggies (strawberries and peaches are big hits at our house), to taking road trips to new places and witnessing God’s handiwork.


You don’t really get to do a lot of those things through the year as weather and school/work schedules limit or prohibit such outings.

But in the summer, you get to dive in deep. Summer lets you cross paths again with family and friends, stay up a little later, and sleep in a little longer. Summer lets you feel deeply: feel the connection to friends and family, the exhilaration of adventure, even the butt-burning heat as you gingerly slide into your car after it’s sat outside all afternoon. Summer lets you taste deeply: the ripest watermelon, the sweetest tea, the tenderest steaks, the juiciest mangoes.

Taste and see.

Sometimes the “on and on-ness” of our regular schedules, sights and sounds dull us to the breathtaking beauty and depth all around us. Sometimes, weeks like last week make us think any beauty and meaning around us is just a mirage and a joke. But is that where the story ends?

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

Even though summer makes it easy, we realize that it’s up to us to choose “to taste and see,” to never stop looking for and thanking God for the beauty, depth, tastes and sights that make up the fabric of our lives.

Summer is the perfect time to soak in all the good taste and beauty we were made for. Let your soul taste and see that the Lord indeed is good.

Seasons of the Soul- Summer

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